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Whittier Wright, I See the Lake, A Portfolio.
Hard cover with dust jacket, 12" x 12", premium paper,
96 pages, 169 color images, 14 mini-essays.

Exerpt from the introduction:
"In following years, many other subjects drew my attention. Or so I thought. Recently surveying my files, I discovered lake paintings, each one offering a difference of weather, time or day or season. This little lake, hardly more than a pond, sitting at a good elevation in the North Georgia mountains, had elicited hundreds of oils, pastels, drawings, and watercolors. Now I'm sorting through stacks of originals, and restoring damaged photo negatives, trying to remember dates and sizes, and where many of them are gone off to...."

Dust jacket.

Pages 92, 93.

Whittier Wright - I See the Lake - A Portfolio
 Includes tax and shipping.  

Pages 10, 11.